ZOO-INK Preferred format for Digital Files
to make Positives for Silk Screens for Hand Screen Printing.

Image Size:
40” Maximum along the selvage
58” Maximum width (for 60” wide fabric)

File Format: PSD (Adobe Photoshop)
Resolution: 240 pixels/inch (300 ppi acceptable)
Image Mode: Bitmap

To convert the Image Mode to Bitmap you must first convert to Grayscale.
Select 50% Threshold.

You can control the thickness of the lines (somewhat) by using Image > Adjustments >Threshhold.
Do this before converting to Bitmap.

Test your image by cropping an 8” x 10” section of your final image
and printing it on a desktop printer.

Your image may look pixelated on the edges when zooming it, but it will be smooth when printing.
Silkscreens have a lower resolution that the 240 ppi recommended above.

File size with these specifications will usually be in the 2 MB - 6 MB range.

For a multi-color design place registration marks in each corner of the design, and make separate files for each color/screen.

We can provide an artwork service to do any of these steps if you want.
You can submit a multi-color design in Photoshop layers, RGB, and we can do the separations.

There will be an artwork charge for designs not submitted with the above specifictions.