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In order to print for our clients and to reduce the possibility of error, we require a written Purchase Order for all jobs.

You can download an Excel template here that has sample entries: Download Z PO.
If you use this form please remove irrelevant entries.

You can download a blank Excel template here : Download Blank Z PO.
If you use this form please enter all fields as required.

The following information is required. Please read this carefully, then read the notes after the sample.

The Design Name and Color Names are written on the invoices you receive from us.
If you do not know the exact names, please refer to your previous invoices.

If you want to change the PO after you have submitted it to us, you must submit a new Purchase Order WITH THE SAME PO NUMBER, and the word REVISED after the PO Number. It would be best to call us first to make sure we have not started the job, or to confirm that your changes will fit in with the schedule and technical details for the original job.

Everything you do to be clear and concise with your PO will encourage us to print your job at the highest quality possible.