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Price List and Terms, January 1, 2017

Printing: Pigment prints, First color: $5.50 per yard
Each additional color $2.00 per yard. Example: 3 colors: $9.50/yd.
Some Designs/Fabric/Ink combinations may be eligible for slight discounts.
Difficult combinations may require a surcharge.


Minimums: None.
Setup for less than 60 yards per design per colorway:
1-3 Colors: $70.00, each additional color: $20.00
Some fabric types require that orders be printed in multiples of 60 yards.

Testing Services: We will test our pigment color system on your fabric at no charge.
This will help in the evaluation of durability, hand, and difficulty of printing.

Color Matching: For Formulation: $30.00 per color, one time charge.
The only stock colors are Black and White.

Screen Fees:
Maximum image size: 40" length by 58" width. Custom sizes by request.
Repeats: 30" to 40". 36" is preferable.
Image sizes:
Up to 45" width x 30" length: $150.00 per screen.
Up to 58" width x 40" length: $200.00 per screen.
Screen Fees are based on client supplying full size positive, in repeat.
Positives not in ready condition subject to additional art charges.
Client owns film positives
Client is responsible for paying sales use tax on films that are not resold.
ZOO-INK maintains screen for 1 year from date of last use.
ZOO-INK owns screen frame and mesh. Client owns image only.
Screen Frames are not for sale.
Not responsible for any damage to screens supplied by client.
Client's screens stored at ZOO-INK will be subject to storage charges after 1 year;
Storage: $50.00 per screen per year.
No ZOO-INK screens shall leave the premises.

Strikeoffs: Screen Fee includes setup only for SKO in one colorway.
Strikeoffs are required before production in new colorways.

Terms: Screen Fees, Artwork, Films, and Printing: to be paid in advance.
Payment terms will be considered for some circumstances.
Bounced checks will be charged a $25 penalty fee.

Quality Control: We print with the highest quality pigments, which are generally machine washable.
Customers are advised to do their own wash fastness tests and any other tests relating to durability and suitability of application. Because fabric grounds vary, and we cannot control end use, ZOO-INK is not liable for fading, wear, precise color matching, or suitability of application.
Allow 10% error rate on small orders, 5% on large orders.
Allow a minimum of 1/2" blank fabric for selvedges.

Fabric Storage: We will store customer's blank fabric for up to 2 months before it is printed. Blank fabric stored at ZOO-INK for longer than 2 weeks is at the customer's own risk. We can accept direct shipments from fabric suppliers only if the freight bill is Prepaid. Please have the shipper clearly mark the fabric with your name.

Purchase orders must be submitted in writing or by e-mail. We will not accept verbal orders.
Purchase Orders should be assigned a PO number so we can have a common reference.
If a Purchase Order is to be modified by the client, a NEW Purchase Order must be issued to us with a statement on the PO that the previous PO is cancelled.

Claims: Any misunderstanding or claims will be reconciled based upon the written/e-mailed purchase order.
ZOO-INK makes no warranty as to the suitability of its inks and printing process for the customer's application.
No claims allowed after fabric has been cut or processed in any way.
No labor costs allowed. No claims allowed without a previous strikeoff order.
Claims must be filed within 30 days of the Invoice date.

Liability: ZOO-INK's liability is limited to the value of printing only. Printing is done on client's fabric at the client's risk. Insurance on the value of blank fabric may be purchased at $.20 per $1.00 of value. Requests for insurance must be made in writing on the customer's original Purchase Order, for each job. No blanket requests or verbal requests will be honored.

Ownership of Designs: Designs supplied to ZOO-INK for printing remain the property of the client. Designs licensed by ZOO-INK to our clients remain the property of ZOO-INK. Exclusivity and time period of the license is subject to terms stated in the license agreement.

Additional Notes: Client's fabric shall be delivered to ZOO-INK at least 2 working days before the scheduled printing date. Fabric must be supplied crease free, on full width rolls, prepared for printing. Irregular selvedges may cause less than the full width to be printed. It is the client's responsibility to inspect the fabric before printing. For certain projects we may required that the fabric be properly preshrunk. Slitting (tubular knits) $.45/yd.; Trimming selvedges $.45/yd. Preshrinking: $.60/yd.

Prices subject to change without notice.
Rush orders will be processed at an agreed upon surcharge.
Contracts and Discounts for large orders will be considered.

We appreciate your business.